Microfluidic synthesis of functional materials

We are developping lab-on-chip approaches to the synthesis of functional molecular materials. In particular, we are developing droplet generator chips for the controlled synthesis of magnetically active molecular nanoparticles.

Unconventional Nano- and Micro-fabrication

We are developping and using non-conventional microfabrication techniques to prepare active substrates for the study of molecular materials.

Optical Metamaterials

As an application to our fabrication techniques, we are interested in the fabrication of complex optical systems, either for their intrinsic interesting behavior or as components in hybrid devices.

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Molecular Electronics

We study charge transport in molecular system with EGaIn vertical large area tunnel junctions of molecular insulators and ferroelectrics, and are adapting it to perform measurements at low temperature under irradiation.

Molecular Magnetism

Most of our system are based on Iron (II) coordination complexes and therefore have rich magnetic properties. We use molecular engineering to establish structure property relationship and to modulate those properties under external stimuli such as light irradiation.

Functional Molecular Cristals

The properties of solid-state molecular materials are our main focus of interest. In particular, we design, prepare and investigate molecular crystals exhibiting interesting magnetic or electronic properties.

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EGaIn Junctions