Confidential  Unpublished pre-print for evaluation purposes:


[19]     Reversible tunnel current switch through a molecular Spin Crossover thin film

L. Poggini,* J.H. González-Estefan, M. Gonidec,* B. Gobaut and P. Rosa

            Submitted to Adv. Elec. Mater. on 27-03-2018 

[20]  Extreme downsizing in surfactant-free synthesis of spin-crossover nanoparticles in a microfluidic flow-

         focusing junction
         J.H. Gonzalez-Estefan, G. Chastanet, M. Gonidec*
        Submitted to Chem. Commun. on 20-03-2018


[21]  Abrupt Spin-Transition in a Nanometric Film of a High-Vacuum Processable Spin Crossover Complex

         M. Atzori, L. Poggini, L. Squillantini, B. Cortigiani, M. Gonidec, R. Sessoli, and M. Mannini

To be Submitted ASAP:

[22]   Accurate Prediction of Current Densities in EGaIn Molecular Junctions Using Accessible Calculations 

          M. Gonidec, P. Rothemund, M. Baghbanzadeh, V.E. Campbell, and G.M. Whitesides         

          Unpublished Manuscript

[23]   Dipole Induced Rectification across AgTS/SAM//Ga2O3/EGaIn Junctions 

          M. Baghbanzadeh, M.H. Al-Sayah, C.M. Bowers, L. Yuan, D. Rappoport, L. Belding, M.M. Thuo, P. 

          Rothemund, K.C. Liao, M. Gonidec, A. Aspuru-Guzik, and G.M. Whitesides

          Unpublished Manuscript

[24]   Solvent-induced Swelling as a mean to control droplet-sizes in microfluidic systems. 

          J.H. Gonzalez-Estefan, G. Chastanet, M. Gonidec*          

          In preparation

[25] Synthesis and magnetic properties of zerovalent iron nanoparticles templated on nano-sized graphene

        F. Hof, L. Poggini, M. Gonidec, P. Rosa*, A. Pénicaud*
        In preparation (draft available soon)