____ Current PhD students and PostDocs ____

Ram Kumar C.B.

Postdoc 04/2018-

Ram Kumar is a Postdoctoral fellow who did his PhD in Melbourne working on molecular memristors, with a broad background going from the synthesis of compounds to the fabrication and characterization of molecular devices.

Juan Hector González Estefan

PhD Student 01/10/2016-

Juan is a PhD student from Mexico. He was awarded a PhD fellowship from the Mexican Science and Technology Council. He is currently working on the microfluidic synthesis of spin crossover nano-particles. His work encompasses from pure inorganic chemistry, pure microfluidic, and the use of flow focusing junctions to synthesize coordination polymers in water-in-oil droplet reactors.

____ Visiting Scientists ____

Francisco Javier Valverde Muñoz

Visiting PhD Student 04/2018-07-2018

Javi is a PhD student from the group of Prof. José-Antonio Real from ICMol in Valencia. He is visiting us on a short stay grant from the spanish MINECO,  and is working with Juan on expanding the work on the microfluidic synthesis of spin crossover nano-particles.

____ Alumni ____

Lorenzo Poggini

Postdoc 01/2016-01/2018

Lorenzo is a Postdoctoral researcher with expertise in surface deposition of molecular compounds and a whole range of spectroscopic characterization. He is currently working on surface-supported bi-stable molecular systems. In particular he is currently developing a platform for temperature-dependent electrical characterization of thin films based on EGaIn large area tunnel junctions.

Justine Touja

L3 student 05/2016-06/2016

Justine worked with us for her L3 internship and is now enrolled as a Master student in Material Science in Montpellier.

Marine Buisson

IUT student 04/2016-06/2016

Marine worked with us during her 2nd year IUT internship and is now looking to enroll as a License Pro student in Material Science.

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